Friday, April 26, 2013

We Make Our Own Fun

     My friend and fellow blogger, Ashley, and I were so excited to have a day full of eventful, blog-worthy moments together. Unfortunately, that was just not how things turned out. We pretty much struggled from Jump Street on what to do/where to go. All of our usual hang out spots sounded like just that: usual. We wanted adventure, darn it! After an hour or so of lolly-gagging around Barnes and Noble and a few other places downtown, we decided food was our best bet. We moseyed our way to a diner called Shugar Freaks to indulge in massive sandwiches and  fried pickles. After the greasy spoon pick-me-up, we headed to Goodwill to see what goods we could discover. That turned out to be nothing, as the day would have it. Ashley and I were at least able to snap some dreamy pictures of the sunset out at the reservoir. Here, we stumbled upon a bunch of curious geese and multiple stray cats, none of which were interested in being domesticated by me. It was essentially like The Jungle Book, people. After enduring the unseasonably chilly temperature, we threw in the towel on our search for excitement. 
     Of course, I still had fun with Ashley even if all we accomplished was overeating. It is just saddening to me that we have to leave town to experience actual entertainment. I mean, we've lived in this area forever and we still don't know what people do for fun around here. We are just far too fabulous for the sticks, I suppose. C'est la vie.
With love,

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