Friday, April 19, 2013

The Corner of This and This and This.

     Although I was a bit saddened to return home after my trip to Cleveland, I wasn't at all upset to see Andy again. We spent the day after my return wondering around some of our local favorites. This involved checking out the new exhibit at The Mansfield Art Center, featuring work done by high schoolers in the surrounding areas. The level of skill shown about the exhibit was amazing. It's good to see so much talent coming out of the small towns circling Mansfield. 
     After our tour around the Art Center, Andy and I stumbled upon a church rummage sale across the street. I learned there that I do not know how a rummage sale is orchestrated. But, don't worry, guys. A woman working the sale was very quick to point out my mistake of picking out things I wanted to buy, then asking where I should pay for them. I was asked to return to the stands of each item, and individually pay for all of them. And, she wasn't rude AT ALL. Sensing sarcasm? Woopsies. Although, I did not find excellent customer service at the sale, I did uncover a few more books to add to my collection. One of  these included a first edition Bob Dylan authored book, which I later found is going for nearly two-hundred dollars. So, I guess I can't complain.
     We moseyed our way downtown for our usual Buckeye Bakery visit. I blame this establishment solely for sabotaging any hope of being bikini-ready. Have one of their scotch bars, and you will understand why. Jeez.  After hitting up Main Street Books and Relax, It's Just Coffee, where I was finally able to redeem a coupon, we headed home to lazily enjoy the rest of my day off. As much as I've been talking about getaways lately, it is nice to have days that remind you why you love where you're from. I definitely needed one of those.
     That's all for me, readers. Enjoy your weekend!

With love,

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