Friday, April 5, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

     I will be playing a huge game of catch up once again, so bear with me; I've actually been pretty busy lately. Here is what Instagram says I've been up to:

     I GOT TO SEE KATE NASH AGAIN. And, let me just tell you that she did not disappoint. A lot of people have given negative feedback to her latest album, Girl Talk, but I'm in love with it. It is basically everything I look for in new music. Kate Nash forever.

     Seeing Kate Nash might have been the highlight of my life, but the cold I came down with afterwards was not. It seems every time I think I've had my last cold of the season, the symptoms just show up yet again. Go away already, Winter.

    I've been eating. 

     A few of my favorite purchases. I mentioned before that Blockbuster is going out of business, so my movie collection has grown immensely in recent times. I also picked up a bunch of Bath and Body goodness. Most of those were for my sister and mother, but I did snag a "Carried Away" lotion. It is like Spring in a bottle. Lastly, a new dress. Like, I needed one, right? I am, however, very excited to break this one out when the weather permits.

      And, a few random ones to finish. My beautiful mother and I, break time with Kerouac, and getting reacquainted with my mat and weights after an accidental hiatus from all physical activity. 
     Thanks for catching up with me, bloggers. I'm off to spend the weekend with my lovely boyfriend, Andy.
Until next time,

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