Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Different City

     Andy and I found ourselves back in Columbus Monday afternoon, with me having the day off and the weather permitting traveling. I've been in the city a lot more often lately, and that makes me pretty happy. It's extremely easy to get underwhelmed with the sights and sounds around here. I'll take all of the day trips that I can get.
     We started out at our usual stops in Columbus: thrift stores and United Dairy Farmers, for some browsing around and an ice cream cone. Later, we took a lengthy walk about the Short North, where Andy was kind enough to snap a few outfit photos for me. Andy and I ended the night with a sushi dinner at Akai Hana. It was Uhh-mazing. We ordered some of the best miso soup I have ever tasted, along with veggie spring rolls and a variety of sushi rolls. Yum!
     I'd like to take a moment to apologize for being such a flaky blogger here recently. I am trying very hard to keep up with consistently entertaining posts for you all to enjoy, but my free time has been a bit lacking. I have recently made the decision to take the steps to get back into school and find a second job, with the ultimate goal being to transfer to eventually transfer to a university and find an apartment. Aside from a hectic schedule, as you may have gathered from my description on where I am writing from, things are often just too normal and boring to try to make a quality post. That being said, I am excited to share my journey of getting things together on Rags and Roses, both good and bad. And, I hope that you all will stick with me during this endeavor. I've been really fortunate so far in having loyal readers, and have loved every moment of writing this blog. So, I'm not going anywhere. Promise!
Anywhoozer, I'll be back with an outfit post later in the week. I leave you with an example of what happens when you ask your boyfriend to hold your camera for you while you use the restroom. Dork.

Until next time,

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