Friday, September 26, 2014

Outfit: New Leaves

"And, I worry about you. I'm, like, mega-jealous that you're trying so hard to improve your like. I think it's really brave."
     Always be thankful for candid talks with a person who's decided they don't want to have a life that you're not in. I was worried when I left one of my jobs, that I would lose touch with a girl who has become a part of who I am, but it's been the total opposite. I believe you meet certain people for inexplicable, but necessary reasons. Sometimes it's to learn a lesson the hard way, to be hurt and find that you can recover while taking something away with it. Other times, it's to be able to share stories, and interests, and laugh uncontrollably; you know, the kind that takes your breath away and sounds ugly.  I've met both kinds, and am happy to say that I've walked away with a handful of the ones who are golden. You know who you are, and I love you infinitely.

Outfit Details:
Hat/Scarf- Target (scarf was thrifted)
Sweater- Aerie (thrifted)
Dress- Urban Outfitters
Purse/Boots- T.J. Maxx

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Playlist: Fall is Here, Ring the Bell

     I'm in a rut where all I want to do is drink tea (and/or wine) in a big sweater under the covers with a book. It's Fall in Ohio, and I'm dreaming of pumpkin seeds and apple crisp and finding the perfect costume for Halloween. Fall calls for dreamy tunes, and these have been just the ticket for me. September, stay forever.

Monday, September 22, 2014

I Will Survive (with Man Crates)

     Is it just me, or are men HORRIBLE to shop for? Seriously, any gift-giving that I do for my darling Andy is comparable to having teeth pulled (love you). Picture the scene from The Notebook when Ryan Gosling is screaming, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?".  Ugh. I usually just end up settling on something for his cameras, posters, or vinyl, but these items are seriously lacking in creativity. Well, those are all things of the past, thanks to Man Crates.
(image source:
     Man Crates is a website that promises to make gift-buying for your favorite dude a breeze, while proving items that he is sure to love. You simply shop by personality; is your man a beer-lover, a gamer, and athlete, etc.? Then Man Crates takes all the guess work out of the experience by putting together amazing gift collections based on what your man likes.
(image source:
     Man Crates offers unique and surprisingly hilarious gift sets; i.e. The Zombie Survival and Bacon Lovers Crate, full of snacks and entertainment. The gifts themselves are almost out-done by the rugged packaging. No ribbons, no paper, just the crate and an engraved crow bar to destroy it with. The novelty of this alone will have you scoring major points, that will only increase once they discover the awesomeness awaiting inside. 
     In the spirit of Man Crates survival kit-esque gifts, I've put together a few of my must-have items; the things in my life that I simply cannot go without:
1. Books- I've always been a big reader. There is nothing I love more than staying in my pajamas and spending the day living through someone else's words. It's bliss.
2. Tea- Black tea, green tea, iced tea, roobios; I don't discriminate. I love the excitement of trying out new/unusual flavors, and the comfort found in the classics. Chai and Earl grey are my two forever-favorites.
3. Lipstick- To me, it can make or break an entire ensemble. I have a few tried and true shades, but I love playing around with bold colors every once in a while, too. Revlon has been my go-to brand for a long time. Their colors are so pigmented, and never look flaky or caked on. 
4. Ice cream- It is a guilty pleasure that I indulge in far too often. Like, everyday. Do they make a patch or gum for that?
5. Netflix- It's kind of pathetic how much I love television, but I just can't help it. Netflix is even better since you can just marathon entire series. I've already watched Freaks and Geeks and Parks and Rec about one hundred times each. So, yeah. What social life?

Hopefully, Man Crates makes it's way on to your survival list! Their gifts are sure to shake up birthday/holiday present-buying without any fuss. I can pretty much guarantee that a certain gamer who I love so much will be taken care of for Christmas this year. *whistle, whistle*
Until next time,

Friday, September 19, 2014

Outfit: It Doesn't Have to Be Beautiful

      Some days, you change your outfit fifty times before settling on the same sweater you wore before bed the previous night, hide unwashed hair under the floppiest hat imaginable, and even decide to put on sensible shoes. The result is a slightly unkempt appearance, and a lot of fun. I cannot recall the last time I was able to be outdoors; and with my darling, Andy, no less. If anyone needs me, I'll be eagerly awaiting another day as perfect as this one. 

Outfit Details:
sweater/necklaces- Forever 21
denim/boots- T.J. Maxx
hat- Target

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Her Majesty's Midwestern Islands

     I made my first visit of the season to our local orchard this week, and I can already foresee many more trips ahead. I cannot believe I survived 19 years on this planet without ever taking advantage of this gem; I picked apples for the very first time here last year with my dearest Ashley. This time around, Andy was awakened to the bliss that is Apple Hill, although I don't know if he'd be as passionate in describing the outing. We filled our peck with the biggest and best looking apples we could find. I made sure to stock up a few Golden Ginger's for cooking pancakes, oatmeal, and crisps; just think of me as Bubba from Forest Gump with apples instead of shrimp. Once our poor paper bag couldn't hold anything else, we made our way inside for the best apple donuts in the history of apple donuts; literally the best, do not even challenge it. Andy and I walked around the rest of the orchard, feeding a few of the animals and looking back through our snapshots. 
This same day, we looked all over town for apartments or houses for rent. We saw one that was essentially perfect for us; two bedrooms, one level with a decent sized yard and great lighting. It was also in our price range! We filled out the application, and are now eagerly awaiting a response. I'm trying not to get my hopes built too high, as we are first time renters and I know it's going to require someone taking a chance on us. But, everyone has to start somewhere and I'd love for that cute house to be mine and Andy's. Fingers crossed! 
     Happy Hump day, all! The week is almost through, Which of course means nothing if you're a retail drone, like myself. But, hang in there anyways.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Autumn Essentials

      Dressing for Fall is pretty much the best. Fall in general is pretty much the best, but maybe I'm biased. But, seriously, I know I'm not the only one who looks forward to reuniting with a favorite sweater on the first day the temperatures drop below 70 degrees. Although, here in Ohio they are likely to rise again on the very next day. This season, I've tried to invest in a few staples that are great transitional pieces, ones that can be layered and paired with different items to create new looks; my essentials for the season.
     For me, these have included items like cozy cable knits in rich colors (mustard, burgundy, burnt orange, and teal), floppy felt hats, a classic striped tee, oxford boots, printed dresses in darker color schemes, and my favorite army green jacket. These pieces can be mixed and matched all season long. I'm also big into rose-gold toned jewelry, turquoise accents, and keeping some sunshine with you via scent; i.e. that scrumptious Daisy perfume. My beauty must-haves for the chillier months also made their way into the picture: plum lipstick and coconut oil for almost everything. 
     What are some of your Fall must-haves?

Friday, September 12, 2014

At Summer's End

     The cutest street fair I ever did see is currently in full swing just a few towns away, and Andy and I attended for one last fried food dinner before all the Summer festivals are over. (Although, my hometown's Oktoberfest is just around the corner.) There is something about wandering through a fair; the lights, the smell of funnel cakes, the mumble and static noise of everyone conversing. It always makes me feel like a child again, embracing the sensory overload. The air was chilly as we roamed around in our Fall attire. I know this is a give in, but this coming season is my favorite. I love waking up to a 60-degree day, I love watching the leaves change, I love Halloween, and yes, I love apple and pumpkin flavored everything. Sue me.
Happy Weekending,

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Adventures in Oil Cleansing

     Last week, I talked about the process of trying to switch to an all-natural approach to skincare with a DIY apple cider vinegar toner. To build on that step, I've begun oil cleansing. This means I've done away with my drugstore facial scrub/cleanser, and am using coconut oil to wash my face. This was a bit extremely terrifying because everything I've ever known about skincare or dealing with acne has been directed toward "oil-free" products. But, in my research leading up to making the transition to oil cleansing, I learned that oil-free products may actually be the cause, or at least a factor, as to why people have extra oily skin. These harsh washes strip your skin of the natural oil it has, and therefore it goes into overproduction to make up for the loss. This is where acne can pop up because the over production of oil causes your pores to clog. But, the idea with oil cleansing is that it brings back a balance to your skin. It's high in the good kinds of fats and proteins that can repair skin ailments like acne, scarring, or dryness. 
     There are many types of oils that people use for oil cleansing, like castor, olive, almond, jojoba, coconut; and so many others. I've even heard of people blending oils based on their individual benefits. I'm starting out with just coconut oil, but may eventually try to add castor oil to my routine. Whatever oil you chose, you just wan to make sure that it is cold-pressed, organic, non-GMO, and extra virgin. This basically shows that the oil is in it's most natural state, and hasn't had any of it's nutrients compromised in the extraction process.
When beginning a new regimen, it can take your body a month to recognize changes or see results. Here is my "before" photo, if you will. As you can see I struggle with acne and scarring. I'm hoping that when I do my review in a month, I'll be able to say otherwise. I'm only a few days in, but I've found a routine that is as follows: Morning: apply apple cider vinegar toner with a cotton ball, let soak in, and apply make-up as usual. Evening: remove make-up with my usual store-bought cleansing wipes, splash warm water on my face, rub a dime-sized amount of coconut oil into my hands, massage over face for up to a minute, gently rinse face with water, and pat dry with a washcloth. You never want to scrub your face afterwards with a cloth/towel because you don't want to wipe away the oil. Part of the "healing process" is letting the oil absorb as a moisturizer, almost.
     I think it's too early to say I've seen definite results, but my face does seem to be softer and slightly less oily than usual. I've noticed some of my existing pimples are healing faster than usual, too. So, hopefully the progress continues! Have any of you had luck with oil cleansing? I'd really love to hear any and all advice on this method!

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