Friday, February 21, 2014

Outfit: Flowers in the Snow

I am 100 percent so done with snow. Driving in it, cleaning it off my car, stumbling through it; DONE. I'm generally over it pretty early on, just after the first time I get to wear a new parka. I've officially reached the point in Winter where I boycott getting bundled, and leave my coat at home because I just can't deal with layers anymore. If by some form of magic boycotting the cold will make it warmer. However, this usually just leaves me with a runny nose. Ugh. Ashley and I braved the freezing temperatures to rummage at a couple thrift stores, just to beat our cabin fever. I left with the cutest babydoll dress, a book on Blondie, and the Rumours album by Fleetwood Mac. All for under five bucks, I might add. Not bad for a day around town. I hope you're all finding your own ways of coping with this cold crap. Hang in there, Ohio! I saw a few birds frolicking about earlier, so Spring is practically here. Right?
Until next time,

Outfit Details:
Hat/belt/tights/sweater- Target
Bag- Hand-me-down from my Nanny
Boots- Plato's Closet


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