Friday, October 28, 2016

Easy DIY Couple's Costume: Bob Ross and His Happy Tree

I think we can all agree that Halloween is the best holiday. Period. I live for hanging copious amounts of spooky decor around my apartment, and eating loads of sugary junk. Like I said, it's the best. And, perhaps the best part of all: choosing a costume. Andy and I have talked about this Bob Ross-inspired get-up for the last three years, but I usually end up working on Halloween, where my solo tree garb just wouldn't really make sense . But this year, we freaking did it. 
     This costume was so easy to pull together, and could definitely be done in time for any of you in need of a last-minute option. The only thing Andy had to invest in was this glorious wig. He made a pallet with some supplies he had on hand, smeared some paint on it, and he was set. For my tree costume, I cut leaf-shaped pieces out of  some green and brown felt and hand-sewed two or three of them together at a time to create various textures. I then sewed the "bunches" of leaves onto the sleeves and other parts of my thrifted shirt. I decided to line the collar with single cut-outs, as well. I could have been done there, and been just as happy, but I decided to hot-glue my remaining felt pieces to a cheapo headband for another accessory. I paired it with a brown skirt, which was also a thrift store find, and tights to complete the look. And, voila! Bob Ross and his happy little tree.
    Stay spooky, and have an awesome Halloween!

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