Monday, April 29, 2013

These Days

     These are just a few bits from my weekend. We celebrated Andy's 25th Birthday on Friday, since I had to work on the actual date. I was so relieved to have his gifts arrive on time; online shopping is nerve-wracking. He loved his camera-lens coffee mug and Nan Lawson print. That Pushing Daisies illustration almost didn't make it in his gift bag. Andy and I both became fans of the prematurely-cancelled show after we were introduced by his sister. I have tried and failed to find much merchandise from the series, so I really lucked out with this one. 
      After a Saturday shift at work, the rest of my weekend was spent watching movies, reading, and drinking tea. I just picked up The Fault In Our Stars after a hiatus from literature; I needed some time to just soak in On the Road, the book I had previously finished. I have to say that I am really liking it so far. Sometimes it is completely necessary to revisit the young-adult genre, especially when it comes to anything by John Green. My sister and I did make it out of the house briefly on Sunday to shop for her graduation and eat too much sushi. However, we were back by 5 pm for a pretty heated game of rummy. As you can see, my life is basically a non-stop Nelly video.
     Until next time,

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