Monday, June 30, 2014

Now That You're Home

I am now back from a week away in Myrtle Beach with my family. There are stacks of clothes that need unpacked and washed, and errands that need run. But, instead, I am flipping back through photos, wishing I was back by the beach.
We kept the vacation fairly low-key, spending only a small part of the trip away from our resort. We became professional beach bums, and I was able to complete two (I repeat: two) books; something I almost never have the time for back at home. 
Seeing the Ansel Adams exhibit running at the local art museum was one of my favorites from the trip. 
And, we fully embraced being tourists at this stop. Lots of candy, lots of being star-struck by wax figures. Unfortunately, most of the pics from inside didn't turn out so great. We also indulged big time when it came to eating out; lots of ice cream, lots of trying new things.
This past week had it's ups and downs, as traveling with your family often will. We drove an excruciating twelve hours to get to and from our destination, with tempers sometimes erupting. All of us had attitudes at inconvenient times and places, and exhaustion got the better of us on more than one occasion. But, this was the first time only the three of us have gotten to enjoy a vacation together, and I really did have an awesome time. You don't get to pick your family, and I think its better that way. I'd hate to imagine my life without these ladies. They are funny, and kind, and a lot braver than I am. And, while we may not always like each other, its understood that each of us mean more to one another than anything else. So, yeah, it was a good week. 
How was your week?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Outfit: Kiss This Town Away

By the time that this post goes up, I will already be half-way to the South Carolina! My mom, sister, and I are heading on a vacation for the first time ever with just us three. We will be spending the whole week beachside, with not a thing planned aside from relaxing. And, I am thrilled. I can't tell you the last time I've been without a full schedule, waking from an obnoxious alarm with a full day of work ahead. I have needed time off for a while, and there is no one else I'd rather spend it with than my two favorite ladies!
I hope you all have a wonderful week, whether it's spent on vacation or not; make it a stay-cation, ya'al! I'll be back in about one week to share snapshots and stories from our travels.
With love,

Outfit Details:
Hat- Target
Chiffon shrug- Urban Outfitters(old/found at Gabriel Brothers)
T-shirt- American Eagle
Shorts- Thrifted/DIY'd
Sandals- T.J. Maxx

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Five Packing Tips For Summer Traveling

Please excuse my brief hiatus, as this week has been packed full. I have worked 20 days in a row, and could not be happier about leaving for vacation at the end of the week. I will be soaking up the Sun at the beach with my family before you know it. Trying to pack while squeezing in seven days worth of hours in three between my two jobs has proven to be a difficult task. But, I did accomplish quite a bit this afternoon, and thought I'd share some tips for all of you fellow Summer vacationers!
Make a list, check it twice//
Writing down the things you need while away from home is very helpful. Use the list as a reference to help pack, then check off the items written down to make sure you've got them all!
Plan your outfits//
Put together a few outfits in advance, that way you're not just bringing things you think you might wear at some point. I also like to pack neutral tops that can be swapped out to create multiple looks. This will keep your baggage light!
Don't bring clutter with you//
If you're anything like me, you collect a lot of junk. Old receipts, pay stubs, empty chap-stick tubes, movie tickets, etc. Try to clean out things like your purse and make-up bag before you travel. Bring only the necessity items that you use everyday. I find this especially helpful with beauty products, as my toiletry bag is full of various lipsticks, extra blushes, primers, and products I only use on occasion.
Use an article of clothing to transform an outfit//
Rather than bringing excess clothing, pack one or two items that can transform an outfit into a different look. This could be a pair of heels that you put on instead of sandals for an evening look, or a kimono over shorts and top for a late-night beach stroll. Having pieces that evolve an existing look keeps your packing lighter, and gives you less to keep track of.
Bring your own entertainment//
My family and I are driving to our ocean getaway, so I'm preparing to survive the lengthy car ride with a good book, some music, and my trusty journal. We don't have much planned aside from total relaxation, so I aim to complete a book or two, poolside.

I hope these tips inspire you to plan ahead for your vacation packing. Where are you spending your Summer?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Outfit: Hour of the Dawn

I believe that everyone should have to work in customer service at least once, even if its just for a short while. There are things that you could not fathom about the way people interact/go about their daily lives without doing so. You see grown adults throw tantrums, people give in to screaming/rotten children's requests for toys/candy/something else they don't deserve, and learn that the customer IS indeed always right; even when they're not. I have been a retail drone for almost two years, and I am a changed person because of it. I know not to talk to people like they are garbage, I am more patient, I understand that employees sometimes have the right to be a bit grumpy, and (maybe most importantly) I know how freaking fitting rooms and lines for the registers work. 
Luckily, I am about through with my days as a "customer service associate", and I've been thinking back to all the ridiculous encounters I've had with shoplifters, uppity shoppers, and just plain weirdos. I have been yelled at, asked to carry furniture that weighs more than I do by people who are able/stronger, sneezed on, helped people get out of garments they shouldn't have attempted to squeeze into, been prank called by prepubescent boys, and even had someone pee in a dressing room. Yes, it's been a glamorous life, you guys. Jeesh. 
What terrible jobs have you guys had to endure?

Outfit Details:
Sunglasses/bag- Gabriel Brothers
Dress/sweater- T.J. Maxx
Boots- Thrifted
Necklace- Forever 21
Ring- H&M

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Nails: Keep It Natural

I used to be very into crazy-colored nails. Black, blue, purple, polka-dotted, striped, different color on every finger (which you see hasn't changed); crazy. My younger self gravitated towards two very opposite sides of the color spectrum; either as dark as it could get or brighter/pastels, which reflected my clothing choices, too. Recently, I've flat-lined with my color preferences, and discovered that I love neutrals: especially for nails. So, I'm here to share some of my favorites shades, that are perfect for Summer, with all of you!
OPI//Don't Preztel My Buttons,
Wet N' Wild//Private Viewing
 OPI//San Tan-Tonio
 Wet N' Wild//Casting Call-Rose Sage
 Essie// Merino Cool
 Urban Outfitters//Candy Coating Lemon-Scented top-coat.
You can find all of these, aside from the top-coat, in most drugstores. Wet n Wild is a super affordable brand, and I'm very impressed with the quality. Essie and O.P.I. are a bit on the pricey side, but keep an eye out for them in discount stores like T.J. Maxx or Gabriel Brothers; that's where I scored both O.P.I's shown above. And, that top-coat is apart of Urban Outfitters 2 for $8 bundle! It really adds shine and protection, and smells kind of like a margarita. In case that sweetens the pot. 
What colors are you loving this season?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Taking Stock: What's a Weekend?

I'm tired, and this is all I can come up with. I hope you all have a good start to the week!
Cooking : Pasta. Because it's easy and perfect and because pasta gets it.
Drinking : Mint tea to calm a very grumpy stomach.
Reading: The Virgin Suicides. At least, I will be. It's next on my list since I've just finished Patti Smith's biography.
Wanting: to see Palo Alto and a haircut.
Looking: at a lot of stuff that I need to get rid of.
Playing: around with my guitar. Because I will be a rock star someday, dammit. (jk, I really suck)
Wasting: nothing. I've become pretty frugal lately. 
Sewing: nope. I've been on a crafting hiatus. Sad-face, sad-face, sad-face.
Wishing: I had a cat. Always and forever.
Enjoying: lunch breaks that involve iced coffee and a good book.
Waiting: for vacation! I'm off to the beach in just a couple short weeks.
Liking: Who's the Boss marathons. Judge me.
Wondering: when I can move back to the city.

Loving: pen-palling with my best friend, Ashley. It's the only way I can semi-stand being away from ehr

Hoping: my place of employment catches on fire tonight. Muahahahaha.

Marvelling: over the fact that you can get apple pie from a drive-thru. What a time to be alive!
Needing: some new faces/places. 
Smelling: my rose salve. My favorite smell.
Wearing: Band t-shirts and kimonos all Summer long.
Following: the So Sad Today Twitter account because they speak to me on a spiritual level.
Thinking: about everything I need to get done to start school in the Fall. Ughhhh.
Bookmarking: floral tattoo ideas. I've got the itch again, folks.
Opening: every window in this house because it is a hot prison in here, omg.
Giggling: over Brian Sella and his general perfectness.
Listening: Waxahatchee's album Cerualn Salt. I don't know if I've ever heard something so lovely before.
Feeling: sleepy, relieved, full of ice cream as per usual.

                                                                  Happy Monday, folks!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Outfit: Able To

I've been without my regular photographer/boyfriend for the last week, as he was away visiting his sister. Fortunately for me, Andy was nice enough to let me borrow one of his tripods to keep my blogging game alive. Unfortunately for me, I am terrified of taking pictures around town by myself. Maybe terrified is too much, but definitely embarrassed. If someone if taking your picture, passerby's reactions may not be much beyond general curiosity. But, I feel it's a bit odd to be posing for my own camera on the sidewalk. Do any of you fellow bloggers feel my pain? Anyways, I ended up sneaking off to a quaint part of town to capture this week's outfit pictures, and I actually ended up enjoying the solitude of it all; despite this look clashing with the outdoorsy background. I often delay posts due to not having someone around to help me snap the photos, so this was big feat for my persistent procrastination/excuse making. This tripod and I may become better acquainted yet! And, maybe we'll even make a public appearance someday...maybe.

Outfit Details:
Kimono sweater- T.J. Maxx
Dress- Urban Outfitters
Bag- American Eagle
Boots- Thrifted
Jewelry- Forever 21
Sunnies- Gabriel Brothers

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