Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back in the City

     I had so much fun during my visit with my best friend from college, Timothy. I hadn't seen him in almost a year before my trip yesterday, so we had a ton to catch up on; there was not a second of silence. Our adventures first began with a few minutes of utter excitement from both of us, still in awe that we were finally reunited. I'm sure we caused a bit of a scene with our hugging, jumping up and down, and kindergarten squeals. We laughed pretty much the whole time, reliving every ridiculous moment and inside joke from our freshman year. 
     Before heading out to start our day around the city, I made a pit-stop at the CSU bookstore, where I used to work, to see a few of my favorite co-workers and boss. Working at Viking Outfitters was honestly the best job I've had so far, so it was nice to drop in and see what everyone has been up to. Tim and I  then proceeded to visit all of our old favorite places, including a few shops in Coventry, Melt restaurant, and public square. I had a blast walking around my beloved campus again, and got pretty emotional about being back in my old apartment building. It was like nostalgia on steroids, people.
     As much as I enjoyed my stay, it was bittersweet to have to commute back to reality. I so much would have liked to just say goodnight to Tim, walk up to where my old apartment is, and call it a night. Its really strange to just "visit" a place where you expected to live, well, permanently. But, alas, life has a tendency to throw obstacles in our paths that change our plans. This trip definitely motivated me to start thinking about getting back into school and on my own again, though. And, I know it may be in my own time and way, but I'm excited to get to a career and location that better suits what I want out of life.
    Alright, I'll leave on a lighter note with a few webcam photos of Tim and I since we didn't have anyone to take our picture for us.

Until next time,


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