Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Little Review

     The song above is from the newest album by Cold War Kids. I used to be completely obsessed with them, but kind of fell of their bandwagon after their second album came out; I was just too in love with the debut Robbers and Cowards to be open to anything else, I guess. But, the bands fourth record, Dear Miss Lonelyhearts, has completely restored my love and faith in Cold War Kids. Seriously people, every time one of the tracks starts playing on my iTunes via shuffle, I end up just listening to the album. All the way through. Once or twice...or even thrice. It's that good. 
     I know a music review may not be all that compelling to some of you readers, but I wanted to make quick appearance since I've been on somewhat of a hiatus from my usual blogging schedule. To be honest, I've just felt very uninspired and exhausted lately. I have a tendency to fall into these ruts where it seems like everything and everyone sucks, and I have no idea what the point of anything is. I know, pretty angsty stuff, right? Its a quality and way of thinking that I am trying to shake, slowly but surely. 
     Today, however, should in fact pull me completely out of this funk. I'm visiting one of my favorite people in the world, in one of my favorite places in the world. Expect a lot of pictures and feels, bloggers.

With love,

P.S. I'd like to take a second to acknowledge the events that occurred in Boston yesterday. My heart feels for all of the victims, any person who knows a loved one involved, and this entire country. It's scary to think how sudden tragedy can strike, and how quickly fear can spread. But, this is not a time to lose hope in humanity. It is a time to promote and practice it. We love you, Boston. And, we also love and recognize people who lose their lives in thoughtless violence like this everyday. 
"Praying for those in Boston today. For those in Iraq where 20 bombs were set off today. Praying for the 29 that were killed in Somalia because of a bomb set off yesterday. Praying for the thousands of innocent victims of U.S. drones in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia. Praying for everyone. Praying for this whole world. Because every life matters and because they are all equally important."

(Images and quote found on Tumblr)

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