Thursday, April 4, 2013

Style Icon: Enid Coleslaw

     Ghost World, the comic and movie, owns a a large piece of my heart. The story focuses around recent high school-grad, Enid Coleslaw, who is supposed to be looking forward to getting a job and moving in with her best friend, Rebecca. Instead, she finds herself repeating art class in Summer school, toiling with a stranger's love life, secretly swooning over convenient store clerk, Josh, and completely confused on the girl she is. Enid eventually ends up in quite a mess, but finds hope in a mysterious bus that takes her away from all of the chaos and confusion. Talk about coming-of-age. I've always felt the character and I shared parallels, especially during my first year of college. I, too, was very lost as to what direction I wanted to take. Unfortunately, I never found such relief in the Cleveland Health-line. Whatever.

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