Friday, April 25, 2014

Outfit: Two in One

I had my "Easter outfit" picked out fairly far in advance, since we were going to my Nanny's for the night. A simple floral dress with tights, and the BEST FIND EVER: caramel clogs. Easy enough. This thrifted baby doll dress is possibly my favorite find to date, but it's just too short to wear without tights. It reached 75 degrees, and my legs had enough.
Then came this outfit: consisting solely of items found in the trunk of my car, that I had every intention to sell. I ended up loving the result, which means these pieces will be sticking around longer yet. Funny, huh? *Que everyone nodding in agreement* I'm really not fickle, I swear. Jeesh.
Hope you all had a wonderful week. This weekend is sure to be a good one: I'm taking prom photos for a dear family friend, and it's my sweetheart, Andy's, birthday. Hip, hip, hooray!

Outfit Number One:
Dress- thrifted
Clogs- Old Navy

Outfit Number Two:
Shirt- Traded with a dear friend
Midi Skirt- thrifted
Belt- thrifted
Clogs- Old Navy

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DIY: Personalized CD Cases

I had to say farewell to one of my favorite people this week; my best friend and soul-mate, Ashley, who is making the move to Georgia to live with her husband and bulldog. Ashley and I had one last dinner and coffee date, where I was able to give her a few see-ya-later gifts; some cute stationary, a journal, and this customized mix-CD. It was so easy to make, and got pretty good reviews from the receiver, herself. Here's how I put it together!
I used a sheet of scrapbook paper for the case itself, by folding and stapling to create closed sides. The letters were also cut from scrapbook paper, but using different fonts and sizes from magazines would be super cute, too. My cover was inspired by Ashley's and I's forever-fave, Kate Nash. I personalized the track-list by adding a "handle".
 There you have it! The possibilities with these cases are endless, and really add something special to an already-personal gift. Mix CD's are kind of my fave.
Until next time,

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Vegan Brunch: Sweet Potato Hash with Tofu Scramble

Easter generally consists of a late lunch of ham that I can't eat, mashed potatoes, and plenty of casseroles.  I'm all about potatoes and casserole; don't get me wrong. But, this year, my sister and I took over the spread with something a bit different; sweet potato hash with kale and a tofu scramble with asparagus and squash. Oh, and did I mention it was vegan? Here's the how-to!
Peel two large sweet potatoes and microwave them for 2-3 minutes. Meanwhile, chop half of a green bell pepper, a whole red bell pepper, and half to 3/4 of a red onion. Once your potatoes are done in the microwave, carefully dice them and toss them into a skillet with a few tablespoons of olive oil. Let them saute until about halfway cooked through. Add your veggies into the pan and continue to cook for a couple minutes. Add two cloves of minced garlic, and season to taste with salt, pepper, cumin, Italian seasoning, and whatever else sounds good to you! When the potatoes are fork tender and the veggies are soft, add in a few handfuls roughly chopped kale. Turn on lowest heat setting, and cover with a lid.
For the tofu scramble, just simply chop a head of asparagus, some zucchini, and squash and saute in a pan. Add any seasonings you wish; like salt, pepper, garlic powder, etc. Take a block of extra firm tofu and pat in dry with a paper towel. Let drain in a colander for a couple minutes if possible to drain off any access liquid. When the veggies are heated through and tender, add in your tofu and break it up with your spatula. Continue to cook until tofu takes on a golden color.
We served our brunch stars with fresh cilantro, chopped avocado, black beans, and salsa. This meal was sooooo good. If you have any reservations about the tofu scramble, don't! It really does take on the texture of traditional scrambled eggs, and takes on any flavor you add to it. Even our Nanny's steak-and-potatoes husband cleaned his plate. 
What did your Easter feast look like?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Outfit: Casual Friday

My new(er) job requires me to dress a little on the fancy side, which was really first. I was really excited to hunt for dress pants and pencil skirts during my usual trips to thrift stores, and had fun styling items in several different ways. Sure, it's fun to be professional and feel like an adult. But, you know what else is fun? Wearing a t-shirt with a cat on it. Which is what I've been doing nearly every hour that I'm not on the clock. (Don't worry, I have more than one cat shirt.) Yes, its true. My uniform outside of work has been nothing but cozy, worn in t-shirts and jeans lately. And, I'm liking it a lot. I try to mix it up with ankle boots or this kimono. But, effortlessness is really appealing me. What's your favorite casual piece?
Oh, and here's one of Capone. Because he's just too cute.
Happy Weekending!

Outfit Details:
Kimono and t-shirt- T.J. Maxx
Denim- Urban Outfitters
Flats- Burlington Coat Factory

Monday, April 14, 2014

DIY: Up-Cycled Painted Vases

Andy and I have begun the long, stressful, exciting, wonderful task of finding an apartment together. Ever since we began this endeavor, I've really been trying to accomplish as many decor projects as possible. Forget pots and pans; as long as we have cute things, I'm okay. Anyways, Andy found a bunch of these old bottles, and let me use them as nesting vases.
This project requires few supplies and little explanation. Just simply paint your bottles or jars (which you can easily find at any thrift store or flea market) with acrylic paint in the pattern of your choice. These look really cool just painted on the inside, or sprinkled with glitter. I collect old pop(soda?) bottles, so I'm planning on keeping some of them plain and some painted for a display. Preferably in my future breakfast nook, that I'll definitely have in my first apartment, right?
I'm so stoked to share the other projects we're starting soon, and any progress we make in finding our pad. Which will be worth documenting after all the doozies we've seen. Jeez.
Happy crafting!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Outfit: I Want To Ride My Bicycle

     It has actually(and consistently) been "nice" outside, which means it is time for bike riding. Andy has been kind enough to fix up a bike for me, that he found at one of our local thrift stores. It's a beauty, you guys. Especially since he began the repairs. I'm so stoked to use it as much as possible this season; something I really slacked on last year.
     I'm starting to dig out my warm-weather clothes, and reintroduce them into my wardrobe. One of my favorite ways to do this has been wearing tights and light sweaters with them. Mainly because I'm tired of knit leggings and parkas, but also because I can't seem to be okay with my pale, prickly legs showing before, like, June or July. Personal preference, I suppose, as all the other people who reside in my town were wearing tanks and shorts on the first 60-degree day we had. Clearly all signs of Spring are an Ohioan's paradise.
How are you getting your wardrobe ready for Spring?
Oh! Here's a peek at my new whip. Courtesy of a real sweet boy.

Outfit Details:
Sweater/shorts- Thrifted
Tee/sunnies- Gabriel Brothers
Bag/necklace/tights- Target
Boots- T.J. Maxx
Headband/ring- Forever 21

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Taking Stock: A Night of No Sleep and an Early Morning Await

Cooking : Nothing. Because I have no time ever, ever, ever. (I'm very salty about this.)
Drinking : Toffee-nut iced coffees with light cream. Please and thanks.
Reading: Just Kids by Patti Smith. It's a beautiful read, and I don't want it to end.
Wanting: to sleep, and craft. But, mostly sleep.
Looking: for apartments with a real cute boy. So exciting!
Watching: Parks and Rec. I am April Ludgate, and April Ludgate is me. 
Playing: the new Manchester Orchestra album on repeat, and as loud as possible.
Wasting: energy on things that won't matter much at all in the end, as per usual.
Sewing: not a thing. Which is a real shame and rarity. I need to get my DIY on!
Wishing: it were warm enough to swim. Or, rather, warm enough to wear my new swimsuit. 
Enjoying: working with my best grrrlfriend more often because we can chat about boys and ice cream and cute undies. While remaining completely productive and dedicated to our jobs...
Liking: my new tattoo. Scabs and all. 
Wondering: when this stuffy nose of mine will subside.
Loving: mine and Andy's new record player (shown above). And, the bike that he's been working on for me. I've got a good one, folks.
Hoping: tomorrow goes really quick, so I can catch up on blog posts/ the infinite pile of laundry that is currently occupying my room.
Marvelling: over the fact that I will actually be seeing Fleetwood Mac in concert this year. STEVIE. And, also over the "Palo Alto" trailer. James Franco and Emma Roberts forever.
Needing: my bangs trimmed again. Already. My hair grows too rapidly to be cute.
Smelling: the instant maple oatmeal that acted as tonight's meal.
Wearing: black, black, and more black. Always and forever. But, also for work.
Following: advice from my sister. She's a gem.
Noticing: my chipped fingernail polish. I don't know why I even bother.
Knowing: the list of things that need attention, but giving zero of that to any of them. Ooops.
Thinking: of projects, and words to write down, and, nostalgically/regrettably, the past. 
Bookmarking: vegan recipes, storage ideas, and the "American Blogger" trailer/discussions. Have any of you seen that? If so, what are your thoughts?
Opening: a new bag of chips. Snacks on snacks on snacks.
Giggling: over the "Magic Moments" videos that Manchester Orchestra has been putting out. Which are basically sketch comedy shows/ pop-culture parodies. They are hilarious, folks.
Listening: to lots of Nana Grizol, The National, Cold War Kids, and Emperor X.
Feeling: okay. Which is really okay with me.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dreaming Is the State We Shall Keep

Andy and I somehow managed to get off work on a Friday, so we ditched town and had a good day on the run. Our first stop, as per usual, was the Cleveland Art Museum.
It was rainy and windy and wonderful. We ordered our usual's at Tommy's: A CeeBee falafel, BBQ Seitan, and a plate of fries; all to be split with one another. We also got coffee at another local favorite, and the only place I've ever found my beloved Mate Lattes.
Big Fun forever. Oh, and I finally found a hard-copy of Manchester Orchestra's latest, Cope, with the help of a few fellow music enthusiasts. 
We saw The Grand Budapest Hotel, which made me laugh, cry, cringe, and cry some more.
Our final stop was for frozen yogurt, of course. Picca Dilly is the cutest little shop I ever did see. After we had our fill of frozen treats and sugary toppings, we headed back to prepare for another early morning of work. I know I've talked about the importance of traveling or getting away, but this day was even more than that. It was just taking a break, not worrying about what time it was, letting the day play out based on preference rather than schedule, and actually getting to enjoy the company of someone I admire immensely. I can't tell you the last time I did something unscheduled/planned. My life lately has been done according to a strict book, directing me to and from jobs 1 and 2. I've only had time for snacks and small talk, rather than any actual substance. To finally give myself some time to just wonder and wander was rewarding and, frankly, well-deserved. 
I hope your weekends were just as well spent!

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