Friday, May 31, 2013

Block After Block

     These pictures may make it seem as though food was the main focus of the day, but Andy and I had quite an eventful afternoon during my day off. Our leisurely walk quickly turned into a house-hunting spree that lasted all day. We covered most of the streets on the side of town we're hoping to move to, keeping our eyes glued to any "For Sale" signs posted in front yards. The house we found most appealing was at least vacant, but didn't have any contact information. Talk about frustrating! Other than that phone numberless gem, we didn't find anything else we were too crazy for. I did get a lead on some store front apartments uptown, so I'm hoping that could potentially fall into place; we're both ready to start making our own home. It is an exciting, confusing, and nerve-wracking experience, but I'm happy not to be going through it alone. Wish us luck!
Until next time,

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pinspiration: Home, Sweet Home

     This round of Pinspiration is devoted to my love for all things home-decor. I am absolutely OBSESSED with design of every variety, but there is something ultra-appealing to me about what goes into creating a stylish living space. I mean, my first trip to IKEA was like witnessing the Holy Land itself.  If you visit my Pinterest page, you will see that the majority of my "pinnings" include dreamy images of mid-century modern living rooms and cozy bedrooms. I love the idea of putting just as much effort into dressing your home, as you would yourself, and cannot wait to have my own space to fill up. For now, I am left swooning over others' interior perfection.
With love,

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


     Oh, hello. I know, look who decided to make an appearance, right? I enjoyed the long, holiday weekend despite having to work most of it, and unfortunately haven't found much motivation to start back on my usual blogging schedule. The week so far has been a bit draining, to be honest, full of stressing over bills and other real-life crap. So, the break was much needed. I, however, am not planning on going anywhere. I have some more posts that I am excited to share, and am happy that most of you haven't tuned out just yet. Thank you for that, readers. The support I've gotten in starting this blog surprises me more and more everyday.
Until next time,

Monday, May 27, 2013

Outfit: Ally Cat

    I could not be more thrilled with the warmer months beginning again. This is a pretty good example of what my Summer uniform consists of; t-shirts/blouses with high-waisted shorts. These DIY's shorts were featured earlier last week in a post, where I showed how to achieve the look for less than retail value. Click here to read it for yourself! 
Until next time,

Outfit Details:
Top- Urban Outfitters (found at Gabriel Brothers)
Shorts- DIY
Shoes- Lola Shoutique
Bag- Urban Outfitters (found at Gabriel Brothers)
Sunnies- Gabriel Brothers

Friday, May 24, 2013

Spotlight: Tongue N Cheek Boutique

70's cowgirl Barbie shoe earrings: $15
Wallflower earrings made from vintage wall-paper: $15
Button rings: $7(left) $9(right)
Vintage pink necklace: $12
Turquoise boho earrings: $13
Flower ring: $15

     My good friend, Tonya, recently created an Etsy page for her jewelry, and I am in love. Etsy is a website that plays host to thousands of talented individuals who sell anything from vintage clothing to handmade home-goods. It is a great way to find and support small businesses, and the products surpass the average "Made in China" giftware. Tonya's shop, Tongue N Cheek Boutique, offers unique, handmade earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that are different from any cheaply-made product you'd find in a mall; and WAY cuter, too. Tonya really pays attention to detail, and her work shows it. Whether you like quirky statement pieces, like her Barbie shoe earrings, or subtle accessories, such as her button rings, Tongue N Cheek Boutique offers the perfect styles for all tastes and budgets. I had the pleasure and privilege of trying out some of Miss Tonya's jewelry myself for the pictures above, and I am eager to call a few of the rings (aka: my obsession) my own in the near future. 
     In celebration of adding new products to her shop, Tonya was sweet enough to provide a coupon code for Rags and Roses readers! To receive 10% off your purchase at Tongue N Cheek Boutique, just type in "ragsandroses513" when you check out! And, if you just can't get enough of her shop, be sure to like/follow TNCB on Facebook and Pinterest. Happy shopping, readers!
With love,

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Every Day, Every Light

 I have spent the last few days with a couple of my favorite people, taking pictures and exploring my small town. First, Andy and I took a long walk all over, covering back roads, store fronts, and the park. This was right before the weather turned gross all over again, so we were sure to really soak up the sun. While my friend Tonya and I had less luck with the weather, we still managed to get some use out of the day; taking pictures for her jewelry website, visiting the library sale, the reservoir, and the flea market uptown. I found some great books, records, vintage bottles for flowers, and a few pieces of furniture that I am completely swooning over. Thanks goodness the flea market offers layaway! 
     Now, I am not-so-patiently waiting for my sister's return from her Mexico vacation. The week without her has left me missing our usual celebrity gossip and couch-lounging. I've just heard news that she is back in the country, at least. However, I'm sure once she catches a glimpse/feel of the rain and dropping temperatures here, she'll be on the first flight back to paradise. Jeesh.
     That's it for me, readers. Make sure you stop back tomorrow to see some of the photos from my shoot for Tonya's online shop, Tongue N Cheek Boutique. We'll also be sharing a discount code for Rags and Roses readers, so you won't want to miss it!
                                                                         With love,

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