Thursday, May 16, 2013

Style Icon: Charlotte Charles

Charlotte Charles
     Before Jess from New Girl was the "adorkable" girl of your dreams, there was Charlotte Charles  (or Chuck as she's better known) of Pushing Daisies. Chuck is young woman putting her dreams of adventure on hold to assist her ex-mermaid performing aunts, in the small town of Coeur d'Coeurs. Once she is finally able to explore the world, she abruptly meets her demise on a cruise ship. This of course turns out to be a very important event on the show. In comes Ned, Chuck's childhood sweetheart and main character of the show, who holds an unusual gift; he has the power to touch the dead, bringing them back to life. The tricky thing with his gift is that the dead can only be conscious again for a minute before remaining alive. Why is being alive a downfall, you ask? Well, should Ned touch the "born again" for a second time, they stay deceased for eternity. Ned touches Chuck to bring justice, and a reward for him and his partner, but realizes quickly that he is unable to take her life again. She stays alive, and the two find themselves in a romance where touch is not an option. It is perfection.
     They only thing more perfect than Pushing Daisies' plot is the leading ladies' style. Chuck has the dreamiest combination of vintage quirkiness and modern sex-appeal. I found myself equally looking forward to what Chuck would wear next as I was with the budding love between her and Ned. Necessities for achieving her killer look (pun!) are these:
  1. A great 50's inspired dress that is as sweet as the pie she serves up at Ned's diner, The Pie Hole.
  2. Classic and practicable heels for solving all of Coeur d'Coeurs' crimes with Ned and detective Emerson Cod.
  3. A pair of darling, flower earrings.
  4. A honey-comb necklace, so she can keep her bee-keeping hobby close to her heart.
  5. Cat-eye sunglasses to keep the fact that she is mysteriously alive again under-wraps.
  6. Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs for namesake, and to keep that "dead" scent away.
     I hope this post has inspired you to channel your inner "dead-girl", and also to check out Pushing Daisies.
                                                         Until next time,

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