Friday, May 31, 2013

Block After Block

     These pictures may make it seem as though food was the main focus of the day, but Andy and I had quite an eventful afternoon during my day off. Our leisurely walk quickly turned into a house-hunting spree that lasted all day. We covered most of the streets on the side of town we're hoping to move to, keeping our eyes glued to any "For Sale" signs posted in front yards. The house we found most appealing was at least vacant, but didn't have any contact information. Talk about frustrating! Other than that phone numberless gem, we didn't find anything else we were too crazy for. I did get a lead on some store front apartments uptown, so I'm hoping that could potentially fall into place; we're both ready to start making our own home. It is an exciting, confusing, and nerve-wracking experience, but I'm happy not to be going through it alone. Wish us luck!
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