Friday, May 3, 2013

My Wandering Days Are Over

     Andy and I had a wonderful time enjoying the warmest day of Spring we've had so far. I even wore shorts, people! We spent the afternoon at Kingwood Center; feeding the ducks, feeding ourselves, and snapping lots of photos of all the blooms. I'm sure I annoyed many visitors with my constant need to describe the garden setting:  "OMYGOD, IT'S SO PRETTY." It really was, though. Our trip also inspired me to acquire ALL of the succulents. I think they are just about the coolest looking things ever. I plan to get acquainted with how to care for them, so I can raise and enjoy my own cactus/succulent garden. After we covered the ground at Kingwood, Andy and I headed into town to pick up some tea. We just happened to end up at Menchies for frozen yogurt along the way. I clearly have not caught on to the health and fitness trend. Woopsies.
     It was so nice to have a relaxing day out with Andy before this hectic weekend begins. My sister is graduating today, and we will be celebrating her success over the next few days with family and friends. I could not be more proud of Shandi. I have watched her work so hard these past few years to finish school, even when conditions were not in her favor. She has faced trials and road-blocks that would make most people walk away, and instead came out a better, more appreciate person. This event is the first time that I've really felt as though we were growing up, and it is scary. But, I know that Shandi is going to be great at whatever she decides to pursue. I love you, sis. Congratulations! 

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