Friday, May 24, 2013

Spotlight: Tongue N Cheek Boutique

70's cowgirl Barbie shoe earrings: $15
Wallflower earrings made from vintage wall-paper: $15
Button rings: $7(left) $9(right)
Vintage pink necklace: $12
Turquoise boho earrings: $13
Flower ring: $15

     My good friend, Tonya, recently created an Etsy page for her jewelry, and I am in love. Etsy is a website that plays host to thousands of talented individuals who sell anything from vintage clothing to handmade home-goods. It is a great way to find and support small businesses, and the products surpass the average "Made in China" giftware. Tonya's shop, Tongue N Cheek Boutique, offers unique, handmade earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that are different from any cheaply-made product you'd find in a mall; and WAY cuter, too. Tonya really pays attention to detail, and her work shows it. Whether you like quirky statement pieces, like her Barbie shoe earrings, or subtle accessories, such as her button rings, Tongue N Cheek Boutique offers the perfect styles for all tastes and budgets. I had the pleasure and privilege of trying out some of Miss Tonya's jewelry myself for the pictures above, and I am eager to call a few of the rings (aka: my obsession) my own in the near future. 
     In celebration of adding new products to her shop, Tonya was sweet enough to provide a coupon code for Rags and Roses readers! To receive 10% off your purchase at Tongue N Cheek Boutique, just type in "ragsandroses513" when you check out! And, if you just can't get enough of her shop, be sure to like/follow TNCB on Facebook and Pinterest. Happy shopping, readers!
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