Thursday, May 23, 2013

Every Day, Every Light

 I have spent the last few days with a couple of my favorite people, taking pictures and exploring my small town. First, Andy and I took a long walk all over, covering back roads, store fronts, and the park. This was right before the weather turned gross all over again, so we were sure to really soak up the sun. While my friend Tonya and I had less luck with the weather, we still managed to get some use out of the day; taking pictures for her jewelry website, visiting the library sale, the reservoir, and the flea market uptown. I found some great books, records, vintage bottles for flowers, and a few pieces of furniture that I am completely swooning over. Thanks goodness the flea market offers layaway! 
     Now, I am not-so-patiently waiting for my sister's return from her Mexico vacation. The week without her has left me missing our usual celebrity gossip and couch-lounging. I've just heard news that she is back in the country, at least. However, I'm sure once she catches a glimpse/feel of the rain and dropping temperatures here, she'll be on the first flight back to paradise. Jeesh.
     That's it for me, readers. Make sure you stop back tomorrow to see some of the photos from my shoot for Tonya's online shop, Tongue N Cheek Boutique. We'll also be sharing a discount code for Rags and Roses readers, so you won't want to miss it!
                                                                         With love,

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