Wednesday, May 22, 2013

High-waisted Shorts DIY

     I am a huge fan of the high-waisted fit on clothing, especially shorts. They are ideal for almost any body-shape, and can dressed up or down. When I started my hunt for the perfect pair of high-waisted shorts last Summer, I realized that they are not so easy to find unless you're willing to shovel out a lot of money; Urban Outfitters sells their version for nearly $50! I am here to share my solution for getting the look for way less. Like, $48 dollars less!

Supplies: Old "mom" jeans, a pencil, and scissors.
(When I say old, "mom" jeans, I mean it. I got these for $1.98 at The Volunteers of America Thrift store.  There is absolutely no need to pay more than $5 for the pants you're using. The only thing you're looking for in terms of shape is a very high-rise jean. Size up just a bit to leave room for tucking shirts in!)
Step 1:
Put on the pants you plan to use, and trace a line indicating your desired length. Make sure you give yourself an extra inch or two in case you need to even them out or go shorter; you can always cut more off but if you take too much off right away, you're out of luck!.

Step 2:
Follow the line you traced while cutting the legs off the pants. Again, cut below the line to avoid taking off too much fabric. Don't worry about any pencil marks left on the shorts; they will wash off in the laundry easily.

Step 3:
Put your freshly-cut shorts back on to ensure that you're are happy with the length. I always leave a bit of extra because I like to fold the bottoms of my shorts.

Step 4:
Enjoy your new, DIY'd shorts and buy an ice cream cone (or five)  with the money you saved! If you want to give your shorts more edge, you can distress them further with your scissors or a piece of sand-paper. However, the pants will fray in the wash, so I usually just let mine get distressed over time. 

Until next time,

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