Monday, May 20, 2013

Seen and Heard

This weekend was pretty low-key, due to my working everyday of it. I did, however, manage to get out of the house a few times. My mom and I had a girl's night to see Safe Haven (judge me) and eat frozen yogurt, after my sister headed out for her trip to Cancun. I am so jealous that Shandi will be spending the week on an ocean-view resort, but the time out with my mother wasn't half bad. We rarely get the chance to spend time one-on-one. I was also able to finish reading The Fault In Our Stars , which was the perfect blend of humorous and heart-breaking; it is definitely worth revisiting the young-adult section for. My picture-taking was very lacking, aside from a few Instagrams, but I did manage to capture my lazy-Sunday. I hope your weekend was every bit, if not more, enjoyable!
1) Pizza buffet dinner at Payne's. They let you request the pies you want without question, meaning even my bizarre love for pineapple and onion pizza was fulfilled. 
2) I decided to use the elliptical after I indulged in about an entire pizza on my own. I was even able to pass my usual three-miles and decrease my time in doing so. Holler.
3) Enjoying the light on pretty things with the windows open. 
4) Celebrating the return of my precious books, after they spent a year in storage at Andy's house. 

The new Vampire Weekend album, Modern Vampires of the City. I bought it at Target this weekend because they had it on special for $8.99. If you haven't heard it yet, stop reading this and purchase it. I swear, it will be the soundtrack of your Summer/entire life. I especially like "Ya Hey", "Unbelievers", and "Diane Young". It is too good.

I'll leave you with another track I enjoy from the album, "Step".


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