Friday, March 29, 2013

Nowhere Fast.

     I spent the afternoon with one of my favorite ladies on the plant, Miss Ashley. We headed to downtown Mansfield when I got off work to indulge in girl talk, sweet treats, reading material, and of course, tea. We later braved the cold to snap some long-awaited pictures together; we've been friends for way too long not to be in the same frame. This particular area of town is quickly becoming my favorite. I don't usually make it past the mass-produced superstores and food chains to get into the parts of locally owned businesses. It was a nice change if scenery.
     I finished out the day with a few (or more) of the baked goods we picked up, spoiling my fajita dinner. Afterwards, I curled up with the latest edition of my favorite magazine and (another) cup of  tea. I'd say it was a successful day out. I only hope that next time, the sun grants us with it's presence. I'm so over cloudy skies and winter coats. Ugh.
     I'm off to spend Easter weekend with my family, celebrating my sister's birthday with Greek food and a sleepover at my Nanny's house. Have a good holiday and weekend!

With love,

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