Monday, March 11, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

     Or, should I say weeks? My life as of late has not been worth documenting, so my Instagram has drastically slowed down. However, here are a few things I found share-worthy:
     I got hit with a sudden burst of motivation, and decided to use my elliptical for something other than hanging scarves from. My sister and I have been doing pretty well with exercising lately; mostly work-out DVDs and walks when the weather permits. I've never been fitness-crazed, in fact I loathe the idea of people voluntarily attending gyms, but I have to say it does feel good to get active. Even if its only to feel better about a second-helping of ice cream. Woopsies.

     I was having just about the worst day until Andy sent me a picture of this couch, which he bought for our future apartment. It is perfect, and even more gorgeous in person. Upon telling my friend, Ashley, about this, I was told that I had a keeper in a man that would willingly buy a floral couch. I couldn't agree more.

     Andy and I took a day trip to nearby Marion for a change of scenery. They have the best Salvation Army shop I have ever been to. The selection is to die for. Marion also has a Sonic restaurant, which is something my hometown lacks. Cherry limeades are my world.

     Here I am, getting plenty of use out of my new tea kettle. Kroger was having a huge sale on just about everything in the kitchen department, so I was able to take home this beauty for under five dollars.

A very sloppy meow-nicure.

     This was right before heading out to pick my friend, Laura, up to see TEGAN AND SARA. I was able to take my jean jacket out of storage for the occasion due to some untimely, but welcome, sunshiny weather. It was the perfect day to wait in line for a concert. Tegan and Sara exceeded all expectation, playing the perfect mix of old and new songs. I wish I was able to enjoy it fully, but unfortunately I was victim of a mass beer-spill, and had to tend to my soaked self  before everyone assumed I had wet myself. Jeesh. (P.S.-This has become my new favorite hairstyle;a mix between a braided crown and a twisted bun. I hope to be back soon with a tutorial!)

     And, finally, we are all caught up. Andy and I spent the end of the weekend at the Malabar Farm Maple Syrup Festival, watching demonstrations and spending way too much for some syrup of our own. It was completely worth it. (I will have more pictures of our Malabar Farm adventures tomorrow.) We came back home to feed on homemade ice cream sundaes, since none of the seasonal shops have opened yet. 
     That about wraps up the last few weeks for me. I'm currently in full-on bum mode, since taking the day off after experiencing some back pain. I'm pretty sure its due to a possible kidney infection, but am hoping it will cease by the morning. I hope all of you had a lovely weekend!

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