Thursday, March 21, 2013


     I am currently recovering from a wonderful night spent at the Kate Nash concert with a few dear friends. The show was BANANAS. May I just restate my undying affection for Miss Nash? Talk about a performer! I've had the privilege of seeing her once before, and I am completely blown away with the amount of raw talent this woman has. Uhh-mazing. 
     Kate also had the cutest opening act along with her. So cute, in fact, that their name is actually Supercute!.  These girls put on a great show, as well, especially when you consider that all the members are still in their teens. I wish I had been as cool as these ladies when I was hitting double digits. Jeesh.
     Well, I am off to down more tea and rest up before heading back to the reality of work and other responsibilities. I seem to have picked up some flu-like symptoms that I'm not so happy about, so I'm hoping to shake them by the morning. If you want to see pictures from the show, head over to my friend, Ashley's, page: Fancy That.
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