Thursday, January 16, 2014

DIY: Silhouette Patches

I mentioned earlier last week that I would be sharing the how-to for these Ohio patches, and today's the day! This is a super simple way to create silhouette patches, in any shape that you can find on the internet. Here's what you'll need:
Scissors, fabric, pins, and some kind of "shape" to trace. I Googled Ohio illustration and cat silhouette for my patches, and printed them out. Just make sure to be respectful about copyrights and ownership of the images you decide to use. Both of the ones I used were free downloads, so you won't have any problem finding images to use. I promise!
Cut out your shape, and pin it down to the fabric that you'll be using. Carefully cut around the paper to create the shape with the fabric. This will get a bit tricky, but just don't worry about making it perfect. The shape will be (mostly) recognizable.
And, now that you have your very own patches, do whatever you want with them! I sewed the Ohio-shaped patch onto a pillow I made from an old dress. (Which you can see here.) And, I sewed the cat one onto leftover fabric, then pinned it to a jean jacket with a few safety pins. As you can see, these are so, so easy. And, the possibilities are pretty much endless.
Happy crafting, doods.
Until next time,

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