Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY: Up-Cycled Throw Pillows

     If you are anything like me, getting rid of things, especially clothing, is not an easy task. I get very emotionally attached to every dainty dress, band t-shirt, and black and white blouse that finds its way into my dresser. So, to breathe new life into these old pieces, I decided to turn them into throw pillows that will last much longer. Here's the scoop!

     What you need:
-Old shirts/dresses
-Sewing needle and pins
-20oz Polyfill (You will have leftover filling, depending on the size of your pillow)

Step One:
Cut the sleeves off of your shirt. I cut some off of the bottom as well, but only because my shirt had a stain. You can cut the fabric into whatever size you'd like!

Step Two:
Use your pins to hold the shirt together. This will act as a guide for your sewing, as well. If you don't want your thread to show in the finished product, turn the shirt inside-out before pinning. If you decide to use a sewing machine, skip this step altogether. Hand sew for life, though~

Step Three:
Sew up the bottom and sleeves of your shirt! I used a loop stitch to keep the fabric secure. (Click here to see a demo of said stitch!) I apologize for the switch-up in fabric, ya'al. I realized midway through the project that using white thread on white fabric was not the best idea in a tutorial. Woops!

Step Four:
Take your newly-made pillow cases, and sew half of the remanding open fabric, leaving just enough room to stuff it with polyfill. 

Step Five:
Stuff it! Pack it in semi-tightly, and be sure that its evenly distributed throughout the pillow.

Step Six:
Sew up the rest of the pillow, and end with a good knot to keep it shut. After the pillow is sewn shut, fluff the stuffing to make the pillow even.

     And, there you have it! Repurposed throw pillows from old clothing. This is an easy and inexpensive way to recycle your wardrobe, and add quick character to any part of your home. Happy crafting, readers.
With love,


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