Sunday, January 19, 2014

Beach Waves Hair Tutorial

I have seriously boring hair. It's not quite straight and it's not curly. Even after I wash and blow dry it, it just kind of hangs there; wavy and lifeless. It's taken a lot of time for me to perfect a quick routine for my waves; one that doesn't fry my hair or require a lot of product. But, I think I finally have it down. Here's the scoop.
Here it is, y'all. My hair in it's natural state. Like that little flip at the ends? Yeah, me either. Anyways, to start this routine, just blow dry and brush your hair.
Use a 1/2 to 1 inch barrel curling iron to add some definition to waves and tuck your ends under. Always curl AWAY from your face. I personally think it looks better, and you'll avoid burns. Brush out your curls with your fingers as you go. Sometimes I even use an actual brush once I'm finished. It really amps up the waves.
Next, use some styling creme. It can be a small amount of mousse or gel. I prefer this tousle creme by L'oreal because it's not too greasy or stiff. It's also free of harsh chemicals and vegan! It's roughly $6-$8 at the drugstore, and lasts forever. Use a dime to quarter-sized amount depending on the thickness of your hair, and rub around your hands before applying.
Then, just distribute the styling creme into your hair, scrunching it at the ends. Take your fingers back through your hair before using finishing spray to seal in the waves.
And, there you have it! Waves with volume and movement. The best  thing about using the styling product on dry hair is that your look will last much longer, even after playing with it all day; which I am super guilty of doing. I hope this fixes any problems with pesky waves. I know it's certainly changed the styling game for me.
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