Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Front Bottoms: Pontiac, Michigan

This weekend, I went to Pontiac with my girl, Laura, to attend our first concert of the new year: The Front Bottoms with Kevin Devine. Duh. We saw them four times in 2013, once with Kevin Devine in Bad Books, so naturally we were on board for this show; even though it required a bit of extra driving time. A seven hour round-trip, to be exact. They played with The Wild and You Blew It, who both put on great shows. I'm especially taking my time getting acquainted with The Wild.
Kevin Devine played solo, rather than with The Goddamn Band, and it was PERFECT. I say this without any ounce of hesitation, you guys. He is hands down one of the most talented songwriters and musicians in modern music, and so incredibly versatile. It's been a totally different experience between seeing him play with Bad Books, solo, and hearing him on his records; but each totally holds it's own and delivers in such a distinct way. He's the real deal.
     And, then, of course, The Front Bottoms. If you've been following Rags and Roses for any amount of time, you know how much I love these guys. This show was SO good. That's the best I can come with to describe it, you guys.  They played every song I wanted to hear and had even more wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube men than usual. I literally have no complaints. It was well worth the drive and being a bit sore in the neck; literally because someone fell on me. Although there's no photo evidence, Laura and I did get the pleasure of talking to singer, Brian Sella, again. We presented him with a hand-made pillow with an "Ohio" patch on it, letting him know the distance we came to make it out. He totes remembered us from previous encounters. And, our hearts nearly busted. 
     I'm planning on packing in more days and trips like these this year. If for nothing other than my sanity. Working two jobs has been turning me into a grumpy, boring hag; even more so that usual. So, this was a good way to break the rut. I hope you all had equally awesome weekends!
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