Friday, January 10, 2014

Taking Stock: Here and Now

I've seen these "Taking Stock" posts all over some of the other blogs I read, and decided to try one out on my own. I like the idea of documenting a certain moment, even if it may not be totally riveting. So, here goes nothing!
Cooking : Bagels with cream cheese, cucumbers, salt, and pepper. Does that count as "cooking"? Either way, I've been eating it like mad.
Drinking : Pumpkin spice chai lattes at home. Thanks to my dearest, Andy, and the Tazo he got me.
Reading: The Wes Anderson Collection. So dreamy. And, a nice break from my other current read, The Silence of the Lambs. Spooky.
Wanting: to go see a movie. American Hustle, to be exact. J. Law forever.
Looking: into colleges. So. Freaking. Stressful. And. Scary.
Playing: hooky. From anything that requires me getting out of bed.
Wasting: time. PROcrastinator.
Sewing: a velvet skirt. Because I am a witchy woman.
Wishing: The temperatures would stop being so negative. HAR HAR MIDWEST PUN.
Enjoying: The Growlers, pajamas, Teavana samples, new nail polish, and a work-free evening.
Waiting: to see The Front Bottoms and Kevin Devine in Michigan!
Liking: Parenthood. The tv show, you dorks! I just started watching it, and I'm hooked.
Wondering: how Beyonce does it.
Loving: Mindy Kaling's Elle cover. She is a goddess.
Hoping: I get a day off soon so that I can see my girl, Ashley. And, also nap.
Marvelling: over all these "throwing hot water into the air" videos. And, soup recipes on Pinterest. Because I'm 20, and these are the things that matter.
Needing: adventure. 
Smelling: My new perfume. Twirl by Kate Spade. It is sooOOOooOOO good.
Wearing: Layers on layers on layers.
Following: Emma Roberts on Instagram. Homegirl stole my man, but she has good taste in books.
Noticing: my bad posture. Always.
Knowing: I have to work both jobs tomorrow makes me cry.
Thinking: up lots of DIY projects to try out. Something I really slacked on last year.
Bookmarking: diy bathing suit bottoms, web design tutorials, tattoo ideas, and pictures of cats.
Opening: the door to tomorrow because everyday is a new beginning. Jk, I'm opening another jar of Nutella.
Giggling: over Jimmy Fallon's SNL episode. Still. 
Listening: to the Dallas Buyer's Club soundtrack. It is perfect.
Feeling: content. And, a little hungry. But, mostly content.

Thanks for dropping in today, folks. I'm leaving for Michigan today to see my beloved Front Bottoms play with Kevin Devine, so expect lots of snapshots from the show later this week. I'm also going to be sharing an easy tutorial for that "Ohio" pillow shown above. Happy Weekending!
                                                                  Until next time,
(Source for "Taking Stock")

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