Friday, January 3, 2014

DIY: Floral(ish) Crowns

     Did anyone else get/stay hella obsessed with Lana Del Rey. I heard "Born to Die", and I was hooked. Not only to the dreamy indie and R&B-infused pop tunes, but with Del Rey's style. Fringe leather jackets, Converse tennis shoes, and floral crowns. I went on a mad hunt for the perfect crown without much luck. I decided to make one of my own a couple summers ago; the one pictured above. I was super pleased with the outcome, and still wear it often in the warmer/sunnier months. After the release/reboot of Lana's "Tropico", I realized I needed (yes, NEEDED) these adorned crowns all year 'round. So, I'm here to walk you through the very easy steps to making these hair accessories. Here we go!
Supplies: hot glue gun, scissors, 1/4 or 1/2 inche-wide headband, and fake flowers/plants of your choice. I chose some gold glitter covered leaves and piney things. Mainly because I'm kind of obsessed with all things golden right now, and because these were on sale for 60 cents! Use whatever your little heart desires; it's going on YOUR head, after all. I suggest finding a headband that is in the same color group, though!
The first thing you want to do is cut your flowers into small, manageable pieces.
Simply glue on your "base" for the crown. Mine consisted of the greenery and gold leaves. 
Next, just go back and add some of the smaller pieces to really add some dimension to the headpiece. Try it on along the way if needed, to see how the placement is turning out. Once you're satisfied, let dry!
And, there you have it! I'm really stoked over my finished product, and it literally could not be easier. You can bet that you'll be seeing more of these in the future, as I am already dreaming up different flowers and looks to try out. Happy crafting, folks!
With love,

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