Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Beauty Must-Haves

I always enjoy trying out new beauty products. In fact, I can waste at least an hour or two at a time looking through the beauty aisles at drugstores and online. I hope that last sentence makes you feel way better about your life, and the way you spend your time. Clearly, I'm easily amused. Anywhoozer, I'm here today to share some recently acquired products that are sure to become my favorites.
Formula 10.0.6 Shine-Free moisturizer: I've shared my love for this product before, but I really can't get enough. I really suggest anyone who thinks their skin is too oily for facial lotion try this product. Covergirl Cheekers in Rock n' Rose: It's a deep color perfect for the colder months. E.L.F HD Lifting Concealer:  This concealer has great natural coverage and won't break the bank; it sells for $3-$5!
My lips are forever chapped during Winter, so this Baby Lips lip balm with SPF has been a godsend. They even come in tinted varieties. I've been layering it underneath my Flower Beauty Shine-On Lip Gloss in Hibis-Kiss. It has color and lasting power like a lipstick, and shine like a gloss.
My favorite color-combo at the moment are these two; Flower Beauty's Venus Fly Trap and L'oreal's Charmed, I'm Sure.
And, a couple of miscellaneous products: Love and Toast Shea Butter body lotion, Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo, and Twirl by Kate Spade. This lotion is magic, you guys. It has kept away my usual flaky skin all Winter, and has a good scent, Not to mention is all natural and vegan. Dry shampoo should be on everyone's beauty list. It adds volume, refreshes hair between washes, and keeps your color longer. And, this perfume speaks for itself. Because it's smells WONDERFUL.
That does it for me, doods. I hope this gives you some inspo for the next time you find yourself looking for new products to try. 
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