Monday, June 24, 2013

Style Icon: Violet Harmon

Violet Harmon
     American Horror Story is my OBSESSION. And, while I love the direction the show has taken with creating a new story-line and characters each season, I have to say that the Harmon family of season one is my absolute favorite. It had the perfect cast, each member with a back-story as chilling as the house it was set in. Although the plot centered around couple Ben and Vivian Harmon, it was their daughter, Violet, who stole the show. Violet is pretty much your stereotypical, angst-ridden teenager; listening to Morrissey and back-talking her parents. I loved tuning in each week to see what clever remarks she would make, or how things unfolded with her and former resident of the haunted house, Tate Landon. Another big reason the show kept me coming back was Violet's killer wardrobe. It was how I'd imagine a blonde, 21st century Lydia Deetz dressing; with rich colors and lots of layers. Her style played a huge role in creating and understanding such a strong character, and I am so completely thrilled that actress, Taissa Farmiga, will be returning in season three of the drama. I can only hope for a character as sharp, fearless, and yes, stylish as Violet.
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