Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Going Postal

     Loving the quality of these pictures? You can thank Instagram for that. To my despair, cameras are not aloud at most of the shows I attend. So, I am left with phone-camera quality memories. However, how could I not recap a musical/life event such as seeing THE POSTAL SERVICE!? I have literally swooned over everything that both Ben Gibbard and Jenny Lewis have ever taken part in. Those two people have played such a huge role in shaping my taste in music. My dear friend, Ashley, and I were lucky enough to snag tickets for the tenth-anniversary tour for the band's first and only album, "Give Up". This concert was not only a celebration on the band's return to the stage, but also Ashley's return to the state; she's been neglecting me to spend time with her husband in Savannah, GA, if you can believe it. (Joking.) 
     The show was completely perfect...almost. The opener was just a touch on the dry side, and Ashley and I found ourselves wondering if he was playing the same songs more than once. I also had the misfortune of getting stuck behind MC Hammer, himself; a kid who seemed as though he'd be better fit for a downtown club rather than this concert. He literally shook his rump on me the entire night, without the slightest hesitation. I've had my share of obnoxious drunk people at shows, but certainly not someone who's overly compelled to bump and grind. Jeesh. Aside from the wannabe-Channing Tatum circa "Step Up", I couldn't have asked for a better performance from The Postal Service. They played so amazingly well, it was as if they hadn't ever taken this ten-year hiatus. My heart nearly stopped when they took the stage for an encore with "Brand New Colony". I can wait out another ten years if it means experiencing this band live again. 
     With love,

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