Friday, June 7, 2013


     I was lucky enough to acquire two whole days off of work in a row, so I was eager to make the most out of them.  With some unexpected rain thrown in the mix, Andy and I had to change our Thursday plans from going to the Columbus Zoo to Cosi Science Center; which was completely alright with us. I happen to love Cosi more than any almost twenty year-old should. We were a bit saddened to learn we were too early for both the new Myth Busters and Energy exhibits, but made our way through the museum as we always do. The "Progress" exhibit is my absolute favorite of everything else Cosi has to offer. Once you work your way from the "1862" room to the "1962" room, there is plenty of mid-century advertisements, appliances, and decor to swoon over; although, maybe I'm the only one who does that?
     Once we had finished our rounds at the science center, we traveled to High Street for some store browsing and lunch. I took Andy to the North Market, quite possibly the best establishment in Columbus. We definitely over-indulged at the food-filled building; Greek plate for me, Pad Thai for him. He had never experienced Jeni's Ice Cream before, so we really pushed our limits with dessert. I settled on my usual of  pistachio + honey and black coffee, while Andy went with black coffee and whiskey + pecan. We hit a road block when we were heading out for home with a flat tire. Luckily Andy had everything he needed to fix the issue, as no one in the Short North even gave us a look of concern. Thanks, guys! Jeesh.
     I'm back to work today, unfortunately. These breaks never seem to last long enough. I won't complain too much, however. Ashley and I will be reunited tomorrow to see THE POSTAL SERVICE!! I am so over the moon to have my best girlfriend back in my life for a few days. I clearly do not do long-distance well. 
With love,

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  1. Heather, you're literally the cutest thing on earth. :D


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