Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Happy Wednesday, readers! Its been a weird couple of weeks, lacking in a ton of blog-worthy moments, but here is a quick peek into what I've been up to as of late:
     Andy and I being models and making an ice cream run, as usual.

     We celebrated my mother's birthday on Monday with way too much Mexican food. Please ignore the fact that I did not get one usable picture of the birthday girl, herself. The lighting was a bit unforgiving, and we were all focused on our food anyways. 

  Andy and I decided to build a fire, way past my bedtime may I add, complete with s'mores and new camera tricks. We had a bit of trouble getting our fire started and a few marshmallow casualties, but all in all had a pretty good time. I'm definitely bound and determined to have more moments like these this Summer.
     That about catches us up here on my end. I'm hoping to get a few craft projects done for the coming weeks, as well as some other new ideas for Rags and Roses. Andy and I will be off to the Columbus Zoo or Cosi tomorrow, so expect some more photos from our adventures.
Until next time,

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