Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DIY Shoe Makeover

     I started a shoe makeover on a pair of simple, black oxfords last year while I was still living in Cleveland...and never finished them. Yikes. I know, I am a craft lover's nightmare. Honestly, I had forgotten all about the project until Andy was helping me with my last DIY venture. So, I am here today to show off the finished product, and tell you how you can salvage a pair of old shoes with this makeover!
1. Old shoes (They don't have to be flats; you could easily use the method for this project with any type of shoes. Combat boots or heels would be super cute!)
2. Glue Stick
3. A sewing needle*
4. Thread*
5. Fabric (I used an old dress that was too small, so I didn't have to spend extra.)
6. Scissors
*These are both optional. You'll see why later in the directions!

Step one:
With your glue stick, fill in the area inside the stitching on both sides of the shoe. If you happen to be using a shoe without stitching, trace a line around the area you'd like to cover before using the glue.

Step two:
Press a piece of fabric onto your glued areas. Don't worry about the shape of the fabric during this step. Make sure you let the glue under your fabric dry completely before moving on to the next step. Trust me on this one, people. Just go get a treat, and come back to your shoes when the glue is dry.

Step three:
Cut the excess fabric from your shoes to leave behind the shape "traced" out by your glue.

Step four:
This fourth and final step is optional, but I really enjoyed it. You thread your needle, and sew around the edges of your fabric. I think it adds an extra pinch of DIY charm, but it is a tad tedious. However, I have faith that anyone could push through it. If you decide to proceed with this step, trim a bit more fabric when you're done. It will give you a cleaner finish.

Aaaaand, Voila! There you have it, folks. Newly made-over shoes. This is a great way to save a pair of shoes you're not ready to part with just yet. You can customize them anyway you'd like; use glitter instead of fabric, even! I am definitely looking forward to a few more years of these kicks.
With love,

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