Monday, March 3, 2014

Style Icon: Charlotte (Lost in Translation)

Lost in Translation
     I've discussed my love for Sofia Coppola before, but it's a subject I will never tire from. Lost in Translation is a beautiful depiction of young adulthood, relationships, loneliness, and, well, style. Main character, Charlotte (I'm almost certain we never learn her last name), is a young woman adapting to life in Japan, where her husband is working as a music video director. It is rumored that the plot is inspired by Coppola herself, and ex-husband, Spike Jonze. She is struggling with finding her own identity outside of her marital status, and finds comfort in actor, Bob Harris (Bill Murray). Their unconventional friendship blossoms into an even more unconventional love that is nothing short of riveting. The film is such a sad and sweet story, and is told in a way everyone can relate to. It's subtleness in translated into the every detail of the styling. Charlotte is found in simple items throughout the entire film. Her look is so effortlessly chic, much like the film's director. Lost in Translation will have you trading in prints for slouchy, white t-shirts, and your nights alone at hotels into karaoke and flower arranging. (And, if you don't get that joke, please do yourself a favor and watch this movie.)
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