Sunday, March 16, 2014

Outfit: Sound of Settling

See that snow on the ground, folks? Winter crept back into our lives the other day, and made sure to cause even more annoyance than usual. I.e. me getting into a little car accident on my way to work. Luckily, it was nothing serious at all, and I was even able to continue with my plans of heading to my sister's for the weekend. Which was awesome, by the way. I have some good snapshots and stories to share from my stay later this week.
I've been slowing getting back into the groove of things since my mini vacation ended. Its amazing what a few days, even just a couple hours away from home, from normal responsibilities can do for one's mental state. I practically feel like a new person. I think it's going to be necessary to make more time for traveling/taking breaks. My head always runs wild with the thought of not earning enough money to make ends meet, but life is so much more than being a slave to your job; or in my case, jobs. I say that as I am about to begin a 60-hour work week, but you catch my drift. Here's to another week, folks. I hope yours is full of not sucky things!
Until next time,

Outfit Details:
Hat- Target
Sweater- TJ Maxx
Blouse- Rag-o-Rama
Denim- Urban Outfitters
Bag/Shoes- Vintage
Sunnies- Forever 21

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