Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pinspiration: Hair Envy

I have the worst track-record with haircuts, you guys. Mainly because my willingness to pay more than ten dollars for a cut does not out-weigh my desire for the perfect cut. THE STRUGGLE. Well, I'm really drooling over the styles show above, especially after this week's disaster cut. To give you a visual, imagine cutting your own hair, blindfolded with safety scissors. Then imagine an outcome worse than that. Yep, this is my life folks. I'm thinking about biting the bullet, and heading to a real-life, well-received salon to provide my hair with some much-deserved TLC. I'm currently between wanting some fringe added to my long locks or a more dramatic change, like color or a shorter style. For now, I'm left hiding under a beanie. What styles are you loving these days?
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