Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kidogo, Kidogo: Cases That Care

Today, I am proud to tell you all a bit about a company with a great cause: Kidogo Kidogo. Kidogo Kidogo is an online shop that sells phone cases. But, these cases do a lot more than accessorize. When you buy a case, the people at Kidogo Kidogo are able to provide women in Tanzania with mobile phones, who otherwise couldn't afford them.
I had the privilege of learning about this cause through co-founder, Kim Waeber, herself. Kim was able to explain what this business is able to accomplish: 
     "Kidogo Kidogo translates to “little by little” in Swahili, and we created it with the aim of lifting the financial barrier preventing women in Tanzania from having access to life changing mobile-technology. In Tanzania, only 36% of women own mobile phones, and the number one reason preventing them from ownership is the initial cost of a mobile handset. In the developing world a mobile phone is a flashlight, a watch, a calculator, a camera and a radio. In Tanzania mobile banking is extremely common, and a phone provides women a way to make secure banking transactions. Mobile phones are also used (to) monitor consumer markets and receive health reminders and updates. Women with mobile phones also report a much higher feeling of personal safety than those without."
Kim's vision is really an inspiring and empowering cause. Each week,  Kidogo Kidogo's website shares stories of the women who's business and family endeavors are being made better and better with something as simple as cell phone service. 
Each case retails for $30, and features original artwork by Sarah Markes, a Tanzanian-based artist. 
You can get your own case here, at the Kidogo Kidogo website. Also, be sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter pages! I'd like to thank Kim once again for allowing me to share this life-changing company's vision with my readers. It truly is a worthy cause.
With love,

Outfit Details:
Hat/belt/necklace- Target
Dress/bag- Vintage
Sweater/boots- TJ Maxx
Phone case: c/o Kidogo Kidogo

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