Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Daily Makeup Routine

     As I've mentioned before, I have VERY sensitive, acne-prone, combination skin. (You can see my post on skin-care here.) Along with trying various cleansers and acne treatments for my face, finding makeup has also been a long-time struggle of mine. Many brands that I've tried before lack in coverage, don't match my skin-tone, or have a very cakey look and feel. But, within the last year I've found my perfect routine, and would like to share it with you today.
I start my day with Flower Beauty's About Face Foundation. It is the only foundation I have ever been able to find that matches my olive-toned skin, without the worry of breakouts or low-coverage. Its very light and silky, and does wonders in creating even color and flawless coverage. Flower Beauty is a make-up created by actress Drew Barrymore. All of the products are oil and toxin-free, not tested on animals, and made in the USA. Flower Beauty promises department store luxury at drugstore prices; they are able to achieve this by not paying for commercial advertisement. I have almost completely made the switch to only using Flower Beauty products, as you'll see in the next steps.(You can see my original Flower Beauty product review here.)
Next, I use the Fit Me concealer by Maybelline. I dab a small amount of this on blemishes and under my eyes to conceal and add highlights to my face. This is the best concealer I have ever used hands down. Even better yet, it is $5. 
I finish out my "canvas" with a pressed-powder by Flower Beauty. It is very breathable, and just sort of acts as a barrier to lock in your foundation and block out shine. I re-apply my powder once or twice a day, as needed, and it never looks flaky or un-natural. It really is an awesome product.
Eyes are next, and I keep it simple with another Flower Beauty staple; an eyeshadow palette in various neutral shades. This palette is perfect for day-to-night transitioning, since it has both light and dark colors. I use the lightest shadow to highlight my brow-bone and tear-duct area, then go in all over with the light brown. I then fill in my eyebrows with a pencil/sealer by Revlon. easy enough, right?
I finish my eyes with a mascara and eyeliner by (can you guess?) Flower Beauty. This mascara is UHH-mazing, because it has lengthening and and thickening all in one. The secret is in the adjustable brush that lets you choose what you need in a mascara. It's literally the coolest thing I've ever seen; just trust me on this one. The liner is excellent quality, too.
My last steps are cheeks and lips. I've recently made the switch from powder to creme blush, and I don't know what took me so long. Creme blush gives your skin a healthy, glowing effect, that lasts much longer than powder. It's also easy to apply despite popular myth. You can dab it on with your fingers or use a makeup sponge to blend it on. I use either a coral or light-rose tone by Flower Beauty, depending on the day. As for lips, I generally just stick to cherry Chapstick, but when I do use lipstick, its always by Revlon. The color is so vibrant, and it never feels dry. 
The best thing about these product is the price; I don't pay over $13 for any of them. You can find Flower Beauty products at Wal-Mart, and the others at most drugstores. I hope you find this useful in your search for some new beauty products, it's certainly been a long-time coming for me to find a routine that works for me. Please feel free to share any of your favorite makeup staples!
Until next time,
(Please note this post is purely opinion/advice. It is not a sponsored post, and no funds were given to promote products.)


  1. You look sweet on the pictures <3
    I love your natural look.

    Would you mind to visit and leave a comment on my blog too?

    1. Thank you so much! Your blog is really great, girl. All of those reviews are super helpful.


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