Sunday, October 27, 2013

13 Halloween Movies To Die For

Halloween movies

It's almost here, guys! There are just a few more days until Halloween, and I'm getting prepared with a mess of last minute posts,costume decisions, and of course, movies. I love horror movies and thrillers of all kinds, but I've narrowed in on my favorites with this list:
1. Beetlejuice- Beetlejuice, beetleju...this is probably my favorite Tim Burton movie ever. It made Winona Ryder my style icon, and me wishing I too could have ghosts as guardians.
2. Scream- How could anyone forget the opening scene, irony in the dialogue, and all that fake blood? This franchise may have gone south after the second film, but it's debut is a classic.
3. Silence of the Lambs- Nevermind Halloween, this movie is good all year round. With its disturbing plot, made more chilling by the ever creepy and somewhat charming Hannibal Lector, this one will have you on the edge of your seat.
4. Paranorman- Obviously not chill-inducing, but Paranorman does packs a lot of heart and humor. I saw this one in theaters for Halloween last year, and I've loved it ever since. Silly enough for kids, clever enough for the adults.
5 & 6. Evil Dead- The Evil Dead has enough cliches and fake blood to last a lifetime, but it is without a doubt a cult favorite. And, with protagonist, Ash Williams, its easy to understand why. With it's modern take, the 2013 version did the original all the justice is the world.
7. Hocus Pocus- Like I even need to explain why this movie rules. It's everyone's favorite forever, obvz.
8. Carrie- I hope you have fonder prom memories that the title character of this horror classic. With her telekinetic powers and ultra-conservative mother, Carrie has been dubbed an outcast. But, her teenage dream comes true when she gets a date to the prom AND earns the title of "Queen". Sounds sweet, huh? Well, I won't give the ending away. *cough pig blood cough*
9. The Bride of Frankenstein- The acclaim for the sequel to Frankenstein as one of the greatest horror films ever is well-deserved. It picks up where the first left off, and leads into the introduction of a mate for the monster created by Frankenstein. With a few twists and troubles along the way, of course.
10. Paranormal Activity- Say what you will about this "Cinderella Story" franchise, it's freaking terrifying.
11. The Shining-  "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", "Heeeeere's Johnny", and "Redrum" are just a few memorable lines from Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece. This is the ultimate horror movie because it combines slasher with the paranormal.
12. Drag Me To Hell- From the creator of the Evil Dead trilogy, this movie is the perfect combination of cheesy and disgusting. Stressing the use of fake blood, vomit, and other faux bodily fluids, its hard not to be a little freaked out by this one. Even if it is completely ridiculous.
13. 28 Days Later- What would you do if you awoke from a long slumber in an abandoned hospital, only to find the rest of the world you knew abandoned as well? Well, we see the lead in this film ponder the same thing as he discovers the world in ruins from a widespread, rage-inducing disease; aka the zombie apocalypse. Full of suspense and gore, it is definitely one of the best zombie flicks, and a must have on your Halloween list.
So, there you have it; my fave Halloween films. Now go get your DVD player ready, turn the lights off, and have a spook-tacular movie marathon.
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