Monday, September 23, 2013

Style Icon: The Lisbon Sisters

The Lisbon Sisters
     Sofia Coppola made her directorial debut with the film adaptation of Jeffrey Eugenides' novel, The Virgin Suicides. The plot centers around a couple and their five daughters, Cecelia (13), Lux (14), Bonnie (15), Mary (16), and Therese(17), whose lives take a turn for the worse after the suicide of the Cecelia. As the girls work to get past their grief, they are surrounded by gossipy neighbors and classmates, all trying to make sense of Cecelia's untimely death. But, the real disaster arrives to the sisters after the homecoming dance, when Lux's dreamboat date, Tripp Fontaine, keeps her out all night with cigarettes and peach schnapps. The girls are forced to live in the confinement of their own home, in their parent's attempts to keep them away from the destructive behaviors of their generation. The girls' only communication to the world around them are through phone calls and postcards to a group of neighborhood boys, who have become completely entranced by the sisters and their mysterious lives. After planning an escape for the Lisbon girls, the boys are instead struck with a series of events that they will spend the rest of their lives pondering.
     Coppola brought the dreamy and tragic lives of The Lisbon Sisters to life through simple dialogue, the perfect soundtrack, amazing cinematography, and of course, wardrobe. When outside of their school uniforms, the girls are draped in flowy whites; both for homecoming and the nightgowns we see them in for the rest of the movie. The 70's vibes can be made modern with soft florals and embroidery, as shown above. So, put on The Hollies and fall in love with these iconic characters.

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