Friday, September 6, 2013

"I Love Not Man the Less, But Nature More..."

     The air is getting chilly, people. But, I assure you that this is not interfering with my sense of adventure. If anything, this cool air and feel of a new season has sparked an outdoorsy nerve that has been dormant for months. My best friend, Ashley, is back finally back from her part-time hometown of Savannah, and we took to the trails at Lowe-Volk for our long-awaited reunion. We gabbed over coffee and explored the woods until we couldn't stand anymore mosquito bites. I'm so happy to have this fellow blogger as a gal-pal, as we are already planning on a ton of future concerts and apple-picking and enjoying Halloween; too many good things! 
     That's all for me, readers. If you're looking for more blogging goodness to soak up, head over to Fancy That for a peek at the pictures I took for an outfit post that will have you craving sweater weather, and more snapshots from our walk.  Enjoy the weekend! Mine will be spent watching a friend's cats and dogs while she's out of town, and eating some pizza if I have any say in the matter.

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