Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pinspiration: DIY

     Here is yet another topic fueling my love for Pinterest: DIY projects. Do-it-yourself living has come to be something I am all about. What is better than taking the time to make something awesome, oftentimes for way less money than if you were to buy a mass-produced item?! NOTHING. I have found a ton of various tips and tricks to copy-cat fashion, wall art, or furniture, and super fun (and easy) party decor on the site. There is enough inspo here to keep even the most skilled crafter going. I'm hoping to share a few of the DIY projects I've found through scrolling Pinterest for hours at a time with all of you over the next few months. Or, forever; I've pinned hundreds of things that I'm hopeful to try. With my birthday coming up in the next month, I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for some time to complete a few cute banners or something festive. What projects are you itching to start?
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(All images were found on Pinterest.)

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