Friday, July 19, 2013

Outfit: I Can Feel a Hot One

     This week, Ohio bid farewell to a two-week raining spell and welcomed a heat wave; the temperatures have stayed in the very upper 80's-90's for days. I do not deal with extremes very well, especially when it comes to temperature. My body apparently missed that lesson on homeostasis, because I have only ever managed to range from frigidly cold or sweltering. Can you guess which one has been the case lately?
     When Andy and I set out to do this week's "Outfit" pictures, I had something quite different than our end result in mind. But, sometimes being practical takes precedence.  So, I threw on some floral shorts and a t-shirt with a cat on it. How's that for style?
With love,

Outfit Details:
Sunnies- Gabriel Brothers
T-shirt- Urban Outfitters (found at Gabes)
Shorts-Urban Outfitters (thrifted)
Shoes- T.J. Maxx


  1. Loving those shorts! I hate the heat also! You're lucky its only 80-90 degrees, where I live its 100+...not fun!

    xo, Delightful Sunflower

    1. You poor thing! I definitely could not cope with that.

  2. Your shorts are lovely! I thought it was a skirt at first haha


    1. Thanks! They're illusion shorts, so it looks like a skirts without any wind flare-ups or other faux pas.


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