Saturday, July 6, 2013

Outfit: Daisy

     If anyone needs me, I'll be forever swooning over this dress. Seriously though, I could not have found a better Summer dress; vintage, 90's vibe, and super cheap. I've discovered it to be super easy to style this piece since taking it home from the Salvation Army; great with a simple pair of flats or dressed up with tights and boots. Dresses like this are also awesome to make a part of your wardrobe because they can be worn all year round; a Summer print with an Autumn color palette, hello!  So, yeah, I love it. 
     I also love you, readers. Just in case I haven't said thank you lately, THANK YOU. Even with a really spotty blogging schedule, you all have stuck with me here on Rags  and Roses. And, I so appreciate it. I'll be back this week with some (or a mass amount, actually) pictures from the Fourth of July, and a really great recipe! 
With love,

Outfit Details:
Hat- H&M
Dress- Vintage
Boots- Forever 21
Bag- Vintage
Sunnies- Gabriel Brothers

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