Monday, April 14, 2014

DIY: Up-Cycled Painted Vases

Andy and I have begun the long, stressful, exciting, wonderful task of finding an apartment together. Ever since we began this endeavor, I've really been trying to accomplish as many decor projects as possible. Forget pots and pans; as long as we have cute things, I'm okay. Anyways, Andy found a bunch of these old bottles, and let me use them as nesting vases.
This project requires few supplies and little explanation. Just simply paint your bottles or jars (which you can easily find at any thrift store or flea market) with acrylic paint in the pattern of your choice. These look really cool just painted on the inside, or sprinkled with glitter. I collect old pop(soda?) bottles, so I'm planning on keeping some of them plain and some painted for a display. Preferably in my future breakfast nook, that I'll definitely have in my first apartment, right?
I'm so stoked to share the other projects we're starting soon, and any progress we make in finding our pad. Which will be worth documenting after all the doozies we've seen. Jeez.
Happy crafting!


  1. These are really cute! I love DIY projects!

  2. I love these! Perfectly dreamy and hippy at the same time. Plus you get to recycle old bottles, which is always great x


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