Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DIY: Personalized CD Cases

I had to say farewell to one of my favorite people this week; my best friend and soul-mate, Ashley, who is making the move to Georgia to live with her husband and bulldog. Ashley and I had one last dinner and coffee date, where I was able to give her a few see-ya-later gifts; some cute stationary, a journal, and this customized mix-CD. It was so easy to make, and got pretty good reviews from the receiver, herself. Here's how I put it together!
I used a sheet of scrapbook paper for the case itself, by folding and stapling to create closed sides. The letters were also cut from scrapbook paper, but using different fonts and sizes from magazines would be super cute, too. My cover was inspired by Ashley's and I's forever-fave, Kate Nash. I personalized the track-list by adding a "handle".
 There you have it! The possibilities with these cases are endless, and really add something special to an already-personal gift. Mix CD's are kind of my fave.
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