Monday, February 17, 2014

What's In My Bag: Concert-Going

I'm sure most of you know by now that I am an avid concert-goer. There aren't many things that bring me as much joy like seeing my favorite bands play my favorite songs in real life. Not to mention discovering new music each time via the opening acts. These shows can be all-day affairs, however, so I think it's good to learn how to prepare without overpacking. Here are some of my personal necessities for any show-going adventures!
I never go anywhere without chapstick or sunglasses, but I cannot stress the importance of remembering these two items. There is nothing worse than standing in line at a concert with the sun beaming down on your unprotected face. NOTHING. And, obvz bring your ticket. I usually put mine in my purse the night before the big day, just to avoid any mishaps. And, try to grab a flyer or something with the show date on it once you're at the venue. That way you have a keepsake or something for the band/musician to sign, if you're fortunate enough to get to meet them.
Your wallet is a give-in. Make sure you pack cash and an I.D. for all bar and merch purposes. I like to bring spray and powder mostly for after the show just to freshen up. You know, because you've just been in very close corners with sweaty and oftentimes smelly people. So, yeah.
If the show is outdoors, I suggest bringing along sunscreen. And, maybe a snack or two for the drive to your final destination. I also always bring my camera with me whenever the venue allows photography. The bag you chose to bring is also important; nothing too big or bulky. I like cross-body bags that are lightweight, and easy to get in and out of. Maybe a smaller backpack for festivals, just to fit water and a jacket in. 
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